The Clifton

The Clifton

This guitar has a larger rounded ‘jumbo’ body shape, inspired by the Gibson company’s design of the 1930s (J200), albeit on a somewhat smaller scale. This design produces an instrument with an increased bass response, suitable particularly for rhythm playing, and is favoured by many country players for that very duty. However, the ‘waisted’ body shape, combined with a careful internal strutting design creates a guitar with a better than average balance across all the strings.

Clifton Maple De-Luxe

This example has a solid Sitka spruce soundboard with solid flamed English sycamore back and sides and is bound in English holly. The neck is laminated maple with walnut. The fingerboard and bridge are ebony. The scratch plate is walnut. and it has an oil finish.


Body Length: 513mm 19 13/16in
Body Width: 416mm 16 3/8in
Body Depth: 116mm 4 9/16in
Scale Length: 645.2mm 25.4in
Nut Width: 44mm 1 2 3/32in