Kinkade Guitars

How to Order

Where do I start?

Contact Jonny Kinkead himself (e-mail or telephone) to share your desires and formulate your own ideas. This is an important stage that cannot be rushed. Jonny is happy to spend time sharing his life time experience and knowledge with any prospective owner and to discuss any queries that might need addressing.

Once all the details and costs have been agreed, as is customary with any boutique guitar build, a deposit of 25% of the final agreed price is made to get things under way, The final balance is payable on satisfactory completion of the instrument.


Payment can be made by cheque, cash or bank transfer only.

What to expect

Current lead time is about 5 years, so you will have plenty of time to save up for your new dream guitar, making it more affordable than you expected.

Jonny being Jonny is not only happy to answer any questions regarding the construction of your new instrument during its conception, but also actively encourages you to “visit” him (either by ‘e-mail’ or if you possibly can in person) to monitor the progress of the birth of your new ‘baby’ right up to the time that it’s placed in your arms for a life-time of love and attention.

It’s this welcoming and extremely supportive attitude that has put Jonny Kinkead’s instruments up there with the best there are, as well as having allowed him to emerge as an author of what will become THE ‘how-to’ book on building an acoustic guitar.

Quite remarkable achievements for one man, but when you get to call Jonny for that first consultation it will become apparent why his name has become synonymous with all that the English Luthiery tradition can offer – and a bit more besides.

So now you know how to order, why not send us a message?